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Skills Projects

Determining the Future Demand Supply and Skills Gap - Reporting Findings from Consulting Surveyors National

The Surveyors’ Trust is a significant sponsor of the recent Consulting Surveyors National study into the future demand, supply and skills gap of surveying and geospatial professionals.

We are delighted to present you with a copy of the report "Determining the Future Demand Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying and Geospatial Professionals". 

Do you have a skills project that requires funding?

The Surveyors’ Trust encourages applications and enquiries from the surveying and spatial industry. Projects must meet the objectives and core values of The Surveyors’ Trust being:

  1.  Education – all surveyors are educated to a high, consistent standard and achieve recognised qualifications
  2. Professional development – all surveyors continue to expand their knowledge over the life of their career
  3. Mentoring – experienced surveyors support less experienced surveyors and advance the “industry of tomorrow”
  4. Recognition – surveyors are acknowledged for their contribution to society
  5. Sharing – royalties from centrally stored intellectual property are reinvested in projects to advance the spatial industry
  6. Ethics – surveyors uphold the integrity of the spatial industry
  7. Quality and innovation – surveyors conduct high quality, evidenced-based work and seek innovative approaches that will advance the spatial industry 

To apply for funding please fill in the word document below and email it back to: board@thesurveyorstrust.org.au

Download WORD application form
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