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The Australian Surveying & Spatial Workforce

A National Roadmap

Surveying Workforce Solution Report – A Call for ACTION !!!

Workforce shortages for Surveying and Spatial related occupations have been looming for over a decade. Unless action is taken by the industry, the growing shortfall will continue unabated. While in the recent past various recommendations have been developed through workforce gap analysis reports (ACIL Tasman 2013 1, BIS Schrapnel 2018 2), little coordinated and sustained action has been undertaken to progress associated implementation risks. 

It is plausible that had a coordinated, structured plan been implemented at the time of the earlier workforce analysis, the current situation may have been avoided.

This is not to criticise past decisions but rather to emphasise the time for action is now. 



Trust Actions:  

1.      Formation of the National Industry Round Table

2.      Current Environment Test of Skills v Competency Project

3.      National Skills and Careers Pathways Project

4.      National Industry & Government Advocacy Group

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