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She Maps

She Maps was established to address the lack of diversity in the STEM workforce, despite it being a growth industry. She Maps is a Queensland based STEM education organisation, using drones to engage students. But She Maps doesn't just fly drones for the sake of flying, they have a clear focus on engaging students in the world of spatial science. Co-founder, Dr Karen Joyce is a remote sensing scientist and could see the challenges facing the spatial and surveying industry in terms of attracting new talent, particularly females into the industry.

She Maps engages with teachers and students to challenge their unconscious bias around STEM, and in particular who certain jobs are for. The tool they use to do this is a sub-100gm micro-drone!

The Surveyors' Trust has partnered with She Maps in 2019 and 2020 to develop resources for teachers across Queensland, providing them free of charge. These resources are mapped to the Geography and Digital Technologies curriculum, with an aim to engage kids in the fundamental skills needed to ultimately enter the spatial and surveying industry in the future. The Trust has also supported the production of a children's book, Pippa and Dronie, to engage early primary aged students in the Geography and Digital Technologies curriculum too, whilst also profiling female professionals who use spatial tools and techniques to do their work.

In 2021 we have achieved some amazing milestones in this partnership with the roll out of the Lighthouse Schools Program - A program that is designed to build a stronger link between schools, industry & universities. The updated report can be found


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