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The Future Of Copyright

A Global Research Project

In 2021, The Surveyors’ Trust commissioned a research project in partnership with USQ to address 'Digital Disruption & Cadastral Plan IP'.

This project studies  the digital disruption of the surveying industry and the subsequent effects on Plan IP & Copyright by addressing the following:

    1. Authorship and artificial intelligence.
    2. Originality and Technology.
    3. Authorship and digital records.
    4. Exceptions and data mining.
    5. Open data initiatives.
    6. Smart contracts and Blockchain.
    7. Technical protection measures (TPMs).
    8. Legislative reviews and changes.

After conducting extensive global research, UniSQ have provided two key reports outlining:

    1. The effect of digitalisation on Surveying & Spatial Industries
    2. The global legal landscape for copyright and IP protect of Survey Plans

The surveyors trust is currently engaging across industry and cross industry to look at how the global landscape, and digitalisation may impact Surveying in Australia.

As we receive further consultation and information, our aim is to continue to provide this to our Trust Contributors.

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