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What's Included in the Contributorship

Be part of something bigger

Royalties from the sale of contributors’ plans are collected by The Surveyors’ Trust and reinvested in the industry for the greater good of all surveyors.

Benefits of Contributorship

Contributors assign their copyright to The Surveyors’ Trust and in return receive:

  • Contributorship is free !
  • The opportunity to participate in the PlanXchange archive for —
    • Access to past and future plans at a competitive rates
    • Access to superior searching and document management systems for survey plans (note that there is a fee for participation depending on how many searches you do) For more information about the Queensland PlanXchange, go to:
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Invitations to free and subsidised events (including AGM and annual Christmas party)
  • Scholarship invitations
  • Mentoring program

Joining process

Joining is easy …

  1. Complete the contributorship application form (approximately 10 minutes to complete)
  2. Sign the deed (electronic signing is available for companies)
  3. Your application will then be approved by The Surveyors’ Trust board
  4. If you have taken the PlanXchange option, start uploading your plans to PlanXchange

Our commitment to you

Every year The Surveyors’ Trust will allocate funds from the pooled royalties from the sale of survey plans to deliver:

  • A history project – communicate the historical significance of surveying to all stakeholders
  • An education project – offer key subjects to give experienced surveyors a commercial edge and protect against new market entrants
  • A skills project – develop a certificate program alongside our industry partners to advance the skills of emerging surveyors
  • An industry project – to strengthen the surveying industry
  • A bursary / scholarship – to provide two surveyors with either an education program or a skills program each year
  • Industry mentoring program to foster relationships and knowledge-sharing

Visit Projects and Education for more information on these initiatives.

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