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USQ Endowment Fund

Sponsoring tomorrows surveyors today

Surveying students at the University of Southern Queensland receive support from donors through the Surveying Student Support Fund. This support is delivered through two funding streams –a direct “funds-through-to-student” approach called“ current use” and awards made from the investment returns to an endowment fund. This is intended to last in perpetuity.

The Surveyors Trust is the founding donor for this fund. 

Award Outcomes in 2021

In 2021, we awarded funding from the support provided by The Surveyors Trust and several other donors to 32 surveying students.  This was in the form of “travel grants” for students to attend the University’s Residential Schools for surveying skills development.
Interruptions as a result of Covid, and this being the first-year support was offered, meant the number was below our goal of supporting 60 students.

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