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Career Development

The ACTION has started

In 2022 The surveyors’ Trust commissioned and launched our Future Workforce Report.

We have undertaken ACTION around the 5 core recommendations from this report.


  1. Formation of the National Industry Round Table
    In November 2022 the first meeting of the National Industry Round Table took place with cross industry group representation where we adopted our Terms of Reference and developed an action plan around the further 3 recommendations of the report.

  2. Current Environment Test of Skills v Competency Project

  3. National Skills and Careers Pathways Project
    In December 2022 The Surveyors’ Trust commissioned a National Skills and Careers Pathway Report. That report is now being launched !

  4. National Industry & Government Advocacy Group

  5. Taxonomy of Industry
    Our 2 key industry associations, Consulting Surveyors National & Geospatial Council of Australian have agreed to work together to develop an actionable project around the Taxonomy of Industry

The Surveying Careers Pathway Paper - 2023

This paper details a project aimed at creating a national career pathway for Surveyors in Australia. The goal is to establish a clear and sustainable path to attract individuals to the Geospatial Industry and demonstrate how they can advance their careers, enhance their skills and knowledge and gain professional accreditation.

The Roadmap's 3 recommendations are:

1.  Current – Foundational Pathway

    • Set the framework agree on indicators
    • Broaden & deepen engagement = whole of industry system and program design

2.  Deeper Market Analysis

    • Strengthen knowledge of the market
    • Contextualised marketing & communications strategy to target markets

3.  Scale-Up

    • Digital Platform
    • Significant activations
    • Collaborate with aligned sectors

Please read the full report HERE (90MB PDF) >

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