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Digital Disruption & Cadastral Plan IP

The Surveyors Trust is partnering with USQ to address 'Digital Disruption & Cadastral Plan IP.

This exciting new project will study the digital disruption of the surveying industry and the subsequent affects on Plan IP & Copyright by addressing the following:

  • Authorship and artificial intelligence.
  • Originality and Technology.
  • Authorship and digital records.
  • Exceptions and data mining.
  • Open data initiatives.
  • Smart contracts and Blockchain.
  • Technical protection measures (TPMs).
  • Legislative reviews and changes.

We look forward to sharing regular updates on this research.

January 2022

Commissioned USQ to address the possibility of a research project around 'Digital Disruption of IP & Copyright'

March 2022

Contract Brief finalised with USQ

on a collaborate research project.

December 2022

Final contract entered into to fund a research project.

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