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Surveyor's Trust -The Australian Surveying & Spatial Workforce - What to do next ?

09/05/2022 2:24 PM | Simon White (Administrator)

As an outcome of the launch of the Surveyor's Trust  "Australian Surveying & Spatial Workforce - A National Roadmap" we are working on engaging with national industry leaders, and cross industry groups to CALL FOR ACTION around the reports findings; this includes:

1. The development of a National Industry Taskforce to roll out an industry wide GO TO ACTION plan

2. Industry engagement and presentations at conference and association events around the paper, its findings and recommendations.

3. A Brisbane based launch event to be held in July 2022 - more information coming soon

4. A national roadshow to look at how industry can better work towards addressing workforce shortages and career development.

5. Aligning future Trust funding with projects that address the core recommendations from the report

6. Setting up an Aligned Industry round table to open up communication with peripheral industries that face similar challenges

As always, we value your feedback - so feel free to reach out !!

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