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001: Opportunities for Land Surveyors With Emerging Technology

11/05/2018 9:41 AM | Anonymous

In this first episode, Lee Hellen, Director of Land Solutions and Board Member of The Surveyors’ Trust, describes the changes being faced by the land surveying industry, the opportunities and his advice for emerging surveying professionals.

The current land surveying landscape is full of great opportunities. The world is more complex, there is more information to be deciphered, the economy is growing and the way land is being used is changing. These opportunities are leading to increased demand for professional services to combat the highly complex and risky problems being faced by the market.

And … the surveying industry is essentially moving into a digital world. We need to move 150 plus years of tradition to digital processes.

There has been an increased pressure on land surveyors in terms of more efficient outcomes and our skilled workforce is ageing. We need to do more with less. We need to meet a community expectation around digital delivery and the government departments and systems that we rely upon will change. Land surveying practitioners need to work with government to give the greatest opportunity to them and the people they serve.

Land Solution will continue to network and maintain close industry relationships. That helps to truth innovation and professional judgement. I recommend this strategy for emerging surveyors. Associate with peers and look at ways to innovate with new technology – UAVs, drones, laser scanners, robotic instruments, data modelling incorporating systems into GIS and BIM etc. All of these technologies will benefit land surveying in the future and they make efficient judgements more effective.

While some of these technologies make surveying more accessible to the community, surveyors have the respected knowledge as a profession. It is complex and high risk. Land is a finite resource that is also highly valued. The last thing the community needs is dispute of ownership and surveyors have managed this very successfully for the community.

There is great opportunity to continue to solve complex and risky problems, our profession is just about having the ability to press buttons. It is how the information is interpreted ethically and with due care and responsibility.

Parting words for any young people considering the industry:

“Believe. Find something you enjoy doing. Work hard and always try. If you have a passion for the outdoors, for serving the community I recommend land surveying"

For more information, contact Lee Hellen from Land Solution on 07 3366 3525

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