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Determining the Future Demand Supply and Skills Gap - Reporting Findings from Consulting Surveyors National

01/04/2019 3:10 PM | Anonymous

The Surveyors' Trust is a significant sponsor of the recent Consulting Surveyors National study into the future demand, supply and skills gap of surveying and geospatial professionals.

We are delighted to present you with a copy of the report "Determining the Future Demand Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying and Geospatial Professionals".

This detailed report includes:

  • Workforce capability state of play and outlook for every state and territory of Australia
  • End-use sector demands across the property, construction and mining industries
  • Education enrollments and qualification completions
  • Demographic ageing of the existing workforce and its impact on retirement within the surveying profession
  • Productivity growth driven by new technologies, practices and systems

Here are some of the key findings:

  • Surveying and spatial scientists will be in a capability deficit position at the national level for the next five years to FY2023
  • It will not be until the mid 2020s when the capability deficit sustainable swings back towards surplus
  • New South Wales and Victoria are currently experiencing the largest workforce gaps of all states and territories in Australia
  • Undergraduate commencements and completions in geomatics engineering degrees have increased
  • The surveying profession has also been able to boost supply, albeit perhaps temporarily, as older surveyors have stayed in the profession for longer
  • Workforce gaps are likely to remain over the next five years despite a correction in residential activity as governments roll out more transport infrastructure and as the private sector increases investment in non-residential building and mining
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