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Win $50,000 For Supporting Intellectual Property for Surveyors

17/02/2020 2:42 PM | Anonymous

The Surveyors’ Trust is a successful not for profit that has raised significant funds to grow and protect the spatial industry.

This success has been made possible due to a decision that was challenged and passed in the High Court of Australia in the early 1990s where surveyors were recognised for copyright ownership of the plans they create.

Prior to this, agencies would copy and re-use survey plans without permission or payment back to the surveyor and the situation was eroding the industry.

“It was like a recording artist who gets their music used without royalties being paid or an author having somebody else taken their written works and claim them as their own,” said Mr Anthony Schmidt, Chairman, The Surveyors’ Trust.

“The Surveyors’ Trust had a vision that it executed to champion and protect the rights of surveyors and we have been successful on that front. We now have an excellent model where members pool their royalties and we invest these funds to strengthen our industry,” he added.

To celebrate this world-first achievement and shine greater light on the importance of intellectual property rights for surveyors, The Surveyors’ Trust is running an inaugural Intellectual Property Competition.

“Professionals or firms who have been involved in identifying, protecting, innovating or commercialising intellectual property that advances the spatial industry are invited to apply for the chance to win $50,000,” said Mr Schmidt.

“This competition helps us tell the story about the world-first achievement made by the Trust and applauds the work being done by others to advance our industry,” he added.

Applications close 5pm AEST 28 March 2020. For more information and to apply, visit:


For more information, photos or interviews, please contact Megan Walker on 0417 602 390. 

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