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Point Share Plus Recognised With An Intellectual Property Encouragement Award from The Surveyors' Trust

18/06/2020 5:57 AM | Anonymous

The Surveyors’ Trust has awarded Point Share Plus an Encouragement Award during its recent Intellectual Property Award round.

Point Share Plus is an online point cloud platform launched by the PointSharePlus team in 2018.

The platform was developed with the goal of making point clouds accessible for everybody in the spatial industry without the need to purchase or install expensive point analysis software.

However Nat Marsden and Majid Doost say the greatest benefit of their platform is its sharing capabilities.

“Our platform has been designed to give individuals access to large amounts of data from laser scanners and drone flights, as well as the ability to share this data across large construction teams,” said Mr Doost.

“Gigabytes and gigabytes of data including 3D models can be uploaded, measured, shared and analysed quickly across large teams locally and globally. This storage, analysis and sharing capability was very limited prior to our platform and surveying firms faced challenges dealing with slow and cumbersome files,” added Mr Marsden.

Point cloud data is the product of 3D laser scanners and photogrammetry that capture millions of points at very high speeds, creating a 3D visual environment of the points around the objects. The platform incorporates data from lidar, 3Dmodels and UAV images.

Point Share Plus allows users to browse large amounts of data very smoothly using an internet browser. The user can conduct measurements of distances, angles, heights, radiuses and coordinates. Large 3D model importing and analysis will also be released this week, which is a major development milestone.

Intellectual property ownership has also been strongly considered in the development of Point Share Plus with the owner retaining protection over their data and strong ability to determine how the data is shared and manipulated.

In the future Point Share Plus will include cloud computation for volume calculations and comparisons as well.

Anthony Schmidt, Chairman of The Surveyors’ Trust has applauded Point Share Plus on its vision and commitment to the surveying industry.

“We believe that five years from now this platform may well be adopted globally to benefit surveyors in all locations. It is our pleasure to work with Point Share Plus to bring this vision to life and add value to the spatial industry worldwide,” said Mr Schmidt.

For more information, please visit to see what has been created to date and to look at work samples.

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