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Challenges and Opportunities for the Spatial Sector With Karen Joyce from She Maps [Interview 3/3]

27/07/2020 10:04 AM | Anonymous

In this third video in our interview series with Dr Karen Joyce from She Maps, we talk about:

  • Some of the downsides of the increased accessibility of drones for all members of society
  • The difference between an amateur using off-the-shelf technology and the value a trained specialist brings to commercial situations
  • People don't know what they don't know and in some situations, low-cost service providers are not delivering the precision and accuracy of a trained professional

At She Maps one of our opportunities is to educate the consumer on the value of surveying.

"Drones are there for the taking and should be used by licensed surveyors. Drones fit fairly and squarely in the spatial industry," says Karen.

We need to educate consumers about the value of having a trained professional with the right skills and knowledge providing the data and the information.

She Maps is producing a book for school children to introduce them to spatial sciences in the early years. 

For more information visit 

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