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Sparking Careers in the Spatial Industry With Dr Karen Joyce from She Maps [Interview 1/3]

27/07/2020 11:03 AM | Anonymous

In this informative interview with Dr Karen Joyce from She Maps we discuss:

  • How much technology has changed over the past 20 years
  • How She Maps came about
  • How important it is to introduce girls to spatial sciences as well as science, maths and technology generally
  • Breaking stereotypes of scientists ie. science isn't necessarily chemistry or solely conducted by men in labs. Women make fantastic scientists too
  • Students can do anything that they put their mind to
  • Geospatial is the science to be in!

She Maps started in 2016 as a result of a presentation that Karen did at the local schools as part of Science Week. At the primary school level there was a huge level of engagement, but at the high school level Karen noticed no girls were attending the drone events.

Karen and her husband Paul put on a drone day for girls only and it attracted 60 girls and became two half day sessions. Word spread and other schools wanted the same program and She Maps was borne from the demand of the teachers and students.

Karen Joyce from She Maps

How is She Maps different?

All of the She Maps programs replicate real world applications and students experience a "day in the life" of  a geoscientist.

Typically students will use drones to capture environmental or disaster data that mimics what drones are used for in real life while imparting vital skills and knowledge and developing problem solving skills.


As the programs continue to rollout, we are starting to see girls choosing geospatial work experience opportunities in greater numbers than noted previously.


She Maps is expanding with 12 people trained to run programs in other countries. We will continue supporting our trainers, empower people in other countries to share our vision and to introduce more girls to STEM opportunities.

The Surveyors' Trust has supported She Maps with free drone and spatial training for Queensland teachers.

For more information visit 

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